Super Strong Princess

My criticism in the previous coloring book (Super-Soft Heroes) was not directed toward the Superhero himself, but to the fact that in the simplified kids-version his soft side has been removed. One of my favorite things about the Superhero is his duality, that he embraces his inner nerd. His human side is what gives him his depth and complexity, so in other words YES, I know he cries, I just wish he would cry for the kids.

Compared to the Superhero, the Princess is a one dimensional character. I think the Witch and the Princess should be the same person, but for some reasonthey have been divided into two characters; one ”good” and the other ”evil”. It automatically creates tension between the two, turning them into enemies and making it difficult for them to collaborate (female collaboration is a rare thing in Princess-movies). But looking closer at their aspects, the Witch is actually a much better role-model. She is defined by personality and not by shallow factors such as age, beauty or wealth. She is independent, experienced, knowledgeable, active, powerful, wild, untamed and magical. As opposed to the Princess who is defined by her beauty and youth. She is obedient, innocent, naive, gullible, passive, submissive and has no access to magic. It all comes down to Prince Charming, who will marry the Princess and killthe Witch. The message is: Don’t be a Witch.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the last Princess-movie, where for the first time ever,  the main character (Elsa) has magic powers. She is a good Witch-Princess/Superhero, who collaborates with her sister and for once Prince Charming doesn’t steal the show. I hope it will continue this way, because in my opinion a Queen is not something you become by marrying the King. Only by uniting the Princess and the Witch can she reach her full potential, become Queen and live happily ever after.

In this coloring book, I have taken ten of my favorite characters from the Princess-movies. I have changed them, given them a new expression and done my best to move focus from body to mind, from quiet to loud.  I started off by giving the most passive ones their own voice and tried to create a platform for those who already have a strong personality, in order to develop their talents or interests.

In the process of empowering them I made an interesting discovery;-I had turned them in to witches. That’s a compliment in my book.

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Thank you!

Download link: Super Strong Princess

Hej Sverige, här kommer Super-Starka Prinsessor. Swisha gärna ett bidrag till mina framtida projekt till nummer 0735523201. Tack.

8 thoughts on “Super Strong Princess”

  1. Tack tack tack att du lyfter dessa fenomen! UNDERBART! Kan du snälla inte göra liknande analys på Modig! Jag älskar Modig, och Merida är enligt mig en underbar förebidl, någon som är precis allt det du skriver om. Hon tar för sig, hon vägrar att ge med sig, det är kvinnor som är i fokus. Du kanske tänker på ett annat sätt, skulle vara kul att höra!

  2. I loved your book! Congratulations! Me and my friends here in Brazil went crazy when we saw an article about it! You’re awesome!!

  3. The world needs more people like you! You have had a brilliant idea I must say. It’s great to see people like you who want children to learn the reality of life.

    Merci et bravo ! Things have to change!


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