A chatty pre-new year post

new year cookies

Hi everyone! I am back from spending Christmas with my parents, and while it’s nice to be in my own house again, I am also back at work, which is not so great.

However, I am looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with friends and then having a long weekend.

Christmas itself was lovely. Yes, I will be sharing the obligatory Christmas present haul with you soon! I did unfortunately feel quite ill on Boxing Day and for a couple of days afterwards, as the bug I had a couple of months ago reared its ugly head. Christmas came and went so quickly, and while I sat in the office today I felt it melting even further away.

I’m now looking ahead to getting back into my running routine and to going out and about with friends and to do a bit of shopping. Being stuck in the house can make me feel quite down after a little while, especially as I felt ill for part of the time. I’m looking forward to lots of exciting blog posts.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year! See you next week when I will be back in a normal blogging routine.

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