A manicure for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day always makes me think of pampering and there’s no better way to treat your mum than with a homemade manicure. Treat her to a polish extravaganza!

It’s not long until 31st March and here are my tips for giving your mum a manicure to compete with any salon!

Luxury cream

I always think body lotion feels so much more luxurious than hand cream. I use something like Marc Jacobs’ Daisy body lotion to massage into my mum’s hands because it’s so thick and fragrant, and sure to leave your mum feeling relaxed.

Prep the nails

File your mum’s nails with an emery board and apply a base coat. It’s not the most exciting part of the mani but it definitely sets your mum’s nails up to look their best later on!

Choose your colours

Spring is within reach and so pastel or coral shades are ideal. Or if your mum prefers a classic pink or red, they are always a good look. Personally I think a cool lilac is a cute choice.


This is my favourite part! Use a sponge and dab different shades of polish on your mum’s nails. Or use a dotting tool to create cute stripes or flowers. Let your imaginations run wild and create something really unique that means something special to you both.


A cup of tea, your mum’s favourite music, a plate of cupcakes… it all adds to the atmosphere!

What is your fave way to pamper your mum?

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