A Perfect Heritage book review

I would call this a family saga, a long novel featuring numerous characters who are tied together by the House of Farrell, a failing cosmetics company.

There’s Bianca, the new boss of the company, Lady Farrell, the founder of the company, her friend Florence, among several others.

Children are bullied, adulterous liaisons are revealed, marriages crumble, allegiances are lost and created… all along the way to saving the failing brand, or watching it crumble.

There are a few things that don’t add up; why is a woman in her 80s running the shop? What is the launch actually launching (there seems to only be one new product)? Why are there so few chemists?

But it’s an interesting read and it draws you in to everyone’s lives, even if there seem to be hundreds of characters milling about with endless drama, which you may or may not care about.

I suspect that many readers may tire way before the end.

I actually listened to the audio book as I knew I would probably not be able to sit down with the 900 page book. It was like listening to a soap opera.

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