An exploration of mindfulness

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Today I want to do something a little different. I’d like to think about mindfulness, and how we can bring it into our lives.

It’s a buzz word that you may have heard of and disregarded, but really it’s a workable concept which could be really useful to us.

I wonder if any of us really connect to the simple moments in life, or are we constantly thinking over something that happened yesterday, or worrying about something that’s happening next week.

Do we notice how our food tastes? Do we appreciate the laughter of our friends and family? Do we truly notice the beauty in the park near our house?

Or do we rush past, only keep one ear on the joke our friend is telling, or gobble down our food so we can get back to work?

Wouldn’t life be full of pleasure and fulfilment if we weren’t constantly chasing the next deadline, the next week, the next night out? If we just lived HERE, right in this very moment.

The truth is, this moment is all we ever have. Are you listening to me, or do you have one eye on the TV, your mind drifting to think about what to have for dinner?!

Connect to yourself, right now. The room you are in, the chair you are sitting on, the sounds you can hear outside the window. You are here, and only here, and only ever will be.

How does it feel?

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I'm a happy mom who gave up my job to be with my child. I love sharing my ideas and opinions on various topics such as health, home, and child care. I'm also passionate about healthy food and I believe in its benefits for overall health and well-being. I love spending time with family and friends, and hope to connect with you readers through this blog. I hope my posts are useful and I invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions.

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