Another me

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In my mind’s eye, there’s another me. At first glance, she’s just like me. If you passed her in the street, you’d think, ‘I’m sure that was she!’. If you looked a little closer though, you’d see the differences between us.

She’s my height, but her back is straighter. She’s slimmer too, she doesn’t have the two stone which I’m trying to lose. Her hair is the same length and style as mine, just a little straighter.

She remembered (or could be bothered) to put her contact lenses in this morning. Her makeup is pristine and she remembers to refresh it throughout the day. I could barely be bothered to put on some foundation this morning.

She walks with confidence and purpose. When she arrives for a meeting or a meal with friends, she knows she’s worthy. She doesn’t almost apologize for being there like I feel like doing sometimes.

She meets challenges with grace. She doesn’t panic like I do. When she speaks, she knows she’s worth listening to.

She knows what she wants in life and goes out and gets it. In this, at least, there’s nothing between us. We both make our goals and plan our journey there. Although when a setback happens, she’s a little happier to just get back on the wheel and keep going.

She’s me, but better. I strive to be her.

Do you ever think like this about yourself?

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