Are fitness bloggers intimidating?

Young fit woman doing fitness exercises

In my quest to live a healthier life, I have taken to reading fitness blogs and watching fitness/healthy eating videos on Youtube.

Whilst I’m happy to say that my own body confidence increases when I am following an exercise routine, sometimes I find myself comparing my body unfavourably to the fitness gurus online.

I am not as slim as them, I do not have their muscles or their flat stomachs. Have I switched one insecurity for another?

This is what I try to remind myself. Professional fitness Youtubers and bloggers spend a lot of time exercising. A LOT of time.

I earn my living at a desk, and I am not apologising for that. If I was a professional then I would spend hours working out alone and with my clients.

I am not going to have the same body as these women, and that’s okay. I have a fitness routine which works for my lifestyle. I want to be kind to myself, not berate myself for the way I live.

Instead of feeling intimidated by ‘perfect’ women online, I prefer to follow healthy living bloggers who I feel I can relate to.

I watch fitness videos by women who I enjoy working out with, so that I’m having fun rather than fixating on their body. I’d rather be busting a groove instead of thinking ‘I’m so jealous of her stomach’!

I watch recipe videos that are simple, tasty and don’t leave me worrying ‘I need to buy lots of expensive equipment’ or ‘I need to cut so much from my diet’.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, Do you feel intimidated by some fitness/healthy eating bloggers?

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