10 awesome things about running

preparing for running

You know it already, I recently took up running. It wasn’t something that I considered in great detail, other than some vague idea that it would help increase my fitness level.

I felt the urge to run, so I downloaded a beginners running app, pulled on my trainers, went outside and put one foot in front of the other. I fell in love with it!

Here are 10 reasons why it’s awesome:

1. You don’t have to join a gym. This was key for me as I do not feel comfortable in a gym environment.

2. Running is inexpensive. You probably have trainers, a t-shirt and some leggings already. There are lots of free fitness apps out there. So you can’t let money hold you back.

3. It’s a great way to explore your neighbourhood. I have found routes and paths I didn’t know existed until now!

4. It gets you outside. Being outside has health benefits of its own.

5. It helps your mental health. As someone with anxiety and depression, running is now a key part of how I cope.

6. It makes guilt evaporate! Fancy a lazy afternoon watching films? Go for a run first, and you won’t feel guilty at all.

7. It’s fun to watch your fitness improve. You can quickly see your ability increase, if you can quicken your pace or if you can run for a few seconds longer.

8. There’s lots to learn. Simply keeping moving is the most important thing about running, but it can be fun to switch it up with HIIT, trying to run 2 minutes longer than usual, learn how to train for a race, what trainers are the best, how to land on your feet….

9. It’s sacred time to yourself, away from the stresses of family life.

10. It’s a great way to make more time for reading – I love listening to audiobooks while I pound the pavements.

Are you a runner?

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