Believing in yourself and your gifts

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Believing in yourself: necessary for success but sometimes difficult to do. So how can we keep ourselves in that place of self-belief? How can we get to that space of self-acceptance in the first place? Let me share a few ideas and inspirations with you.

I have found that self-belief is a little like a tide – it ebbs and flows and sometimes leaves the sandy beach of your heart and soul entirely open to the sunlight.

Occasionally it crashes onto the shore like a tidal wave, and retreats so suddenly we can be left feeling bereft and confused.

The word that defines me is Believe. I have vowed to believe in myself and my gifts and believe in the abundance that will inevitably come to me as a reward for those gifts.

So how did I get to this place of self-acceptance?

I have worked long and hard on this aspect of my life, I can tell you. I have found it so difficult to quiet those nagging voices. The ones that compare my work in progress with other people’s finished article, the ones who whisper that I’m not special enough, not talented.

The first thing I would recommend is to assess your emotions. They can be such a great guide for our lives. If you’re feeling happy and content then browsing the web and seeing what others are creating might be a wonderful idea. It might give you ideas of your own, make you feel part of a creative community and raise your vibration.

If when you look at your feelings you find yourself a little down or a little unhappy, today is not necessarily the day for web research. Today is the kind of day for more practical matters. Getting outside, doing a little exercise, baking/cooking something yummy. These are good activities for those down days.

Basically, it’s important to listen to your feelings and to cut yourself some slack. Go with what feels right for you. You can save any of the other jobs on your to-do list that don’t feel quite right for you today until tomorrow. That way you will be able to do your best possible work and work in alignment with your heart and soul.

How do you keep on believing in yourself?

There will be days when it’s harder than others. On the whole though, these little things keep me flowing in a place of self-love and belief:

  • Look after yourself: paint your nails, do your hair, wear pretty clothes and pamper yourself in whatever way that speaks to you.
  • Let yourself play: enjoy the process of creating – don’t be too focused on the end product. Let yourself get messy, make mistakes and enjoy the process.
  • Surround yourself with love: pets, friends, family, loved ones. They will keep you grounded and let you feel their love, so that you are vibrating on the highest frequency and sending out that positivity into the universe.
  • Find your tribe: either online or in person. Find like-minded souls who get you. They will support you on your journey and with your ideas.

I hope these small tips and ideas will help you to believe in yourself and your gifts and be more open to the idea of abundance and beauty in the universe.

You are someone to know, a force to be reckoned with and you deserve the best in life – don’t ever forget that.

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