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Some time this year, this little place on the web will be two years old. So it is perhaps natural that preparing to reaching this milestone has turned my mind to ways that Limpan can further develop over the next years. So what are my hopes and dreams for this blog?

I want to be a better planner!

I want to keep track of my sponsorships, posting schedule and social media accounts with ease, instead of relying on my drafts folder and memory. As a starting point, I think a pretty printable should help! And some gel pens! Later I hope to invest in a serious planner.

Launch myself as a novelist

Did I really just write that? But, it’s true. I am hoping that this year will see the release of a novel, and the blog is where I will be sharing updates, plot and character details and maybe even previews.

Take part in some giveaways

At the moment I have barely put my toe in the water of giveaways. But I’d love to do this.

Accept sponsorship

I want to set up some really fun sponsorship options for other bloggers and partners, and launch them during the next few months.

Start vlogging and some projects

I’d love to share more of my craft projects, start vlogging, perhaps once a month.

So these are my blog dreams! What are yours?

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