Big plans for this little blog

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So I have some big plans for this little blog.

I really want to increase the amount of readers that I have. So I have been thinking about advertising on some of my favorite blogs, including Your Fire Shoes.

Monica, who writes the blog, is such an inspiration to me, because she makes a living out of something that she loves to do. Now I am not necessarily going to go into the same business, but it is always encouraging to see someone doing something that they love and being successful at it, even if it may not be a conventional thing.

When I started reading that blog a month or two ago, was when I really got the drive to start this one. I looked at her, and how she just is herself, and knew that I could do it. I wanted to create a place where I could be myself and share things with others. And hopefully someday this will be something that inspires someone else.

But I have some work to do before it can get to that point. I really need to get and learn how to use Photoshop better. I want to create a banner for the top of the page, I also need to create some widgets, so that I am able, if I want to, advertise on other people’s blogs.

I really am liking where blogging has taken me in the short time I have been doing it. I have learned a lot about html code, basic photo editing and constantly coming up with new ideas. I would love for this to be a hugely successful blog like some of the ones I read.

We will see where time will take me!

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