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I am really enjoying blogging at the moment, but it’s got me thinking about how much time I invest in this little corner of the web, and the effects it has on the rest of my life.

I’ve seen a couple of bloggers discussing how no one in their ‘real life’ knows about their blog. I realised that this goes for me too! I don’t chat about my blog with my friends; my man sees me writing and promoting the blog when we’re at home together, but even he doesn’t read it.

One of the reasons I created this blog was to connect with other bloggers, so I don’t feel that discussing my blog with friends is something which I’m missing out on.

I wouldn’t expect them to know about any of the things blogging brings into my life; the writing, the planning, the tweeting, the linking, the commenting, the sponsoring…

I love spending time with my friends because it’s space away from the blog to refresh myself.

The people I’ve met during the course of this blogging journey are a valid and valuable part of my life too; I love Twitter chats with bloggers and commenting on blogs.

The bloggers I know have become friends. So while blogging and ‘real life’ may not cross much, they’re both elements which I wouldn’t want to be without.

When I have a bad day, my blog makes me happy again. Blogging makes me feel confident, and proud of myself. In that sense, blogging has a huge effect on my whole life, as I carry that confidence with me wherever I go.

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