5 lessons I’ve learned about body-acceptance

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For most women, body love is a topic which catches up with us at one point or another. I try to live my life by the above tenet – if it doesn’t make my heart sing, I avoid it. Hating my body is something that definitely does NOT make my heart sing! So here are the five things I’ve learnt on the road to body love:

1. Focus on the parts of your body that you like

This is a goodie. Everyone can find something about themselves they like. For me, I have a big, happy smile and eyes. I like my legs too. So that’s what I focus on in the mirror if my reflection is giving me a hard time.

2. Be grateful for your body

You couldn’t live without it! When you’re ill, your body heals. As a woman, a new life can grow inside you and you give birth to that new life. We as humans are amazing.

3. Be your best friend, not your worst enemy

Please believe me when I say: you are beautiful. You have gifts to bring into this world. I have been down and lonely and afraid but I am here now to tell you that you have strength and confidence. I’ve been there sweetheart.

4. Do what makes your heart sing (see above!)

You have too much to offer this world to sit in front of the mirror hating yourself. Focus on what you love, whether it’s art or horse riding. You will be too radiant to focus on your thighs.

5. Don’t get too stressed about diet and exercise

I want to eat healthier and exercise more often for my general wellbeing, not out of a sense that society wants me to be a size 10. This is an up and down process for me, as I try to find a routine that works. What is not an option is feeling the draining guilt and stress that has come with this for me in the past. That doesn’t help me emotionally or mentally.

I don’t have all the answers, and sometimes I have bad days when I tie my hair back and put on a baggy t-shirt. I’d rather do that than focus negative energy on my hair and stomach. This is a long and on-going journey, but we don’t have to do it alone. From the bottom of my heart to yours: you got this, and we can do this together.

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