Book review: To Be Goddess

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One thing I’m very keen to express here on the blog and in my work is, that we are unique, glorious beings with gifts to share with the world. We as women are all goddesses. I know it, and so does Tia Johnson.

If you’re in an unhappy place right now, if you’re ill, being bullied or out of work, read Tia’s book as a step to getting out of that mindset. Even if you don’t believe you’re a goddess yet, as you go through this book, you will soon start to.

‘To Be Goddess’ is written in the style of one friend talking to another. Tia comes across as being so approachable, upbeat and confident, you almost think she’s in the room with you.

She walks you through so many aspects of the goddess. From practical matters like what you dress and what makeup you wear, to elements on a very spiritual plane like how to use crystals.

There are lots of activities to try. I really enjoyed meditating on my origins, and then thinking about what my symbol is (what flowers, animals, colours do I like?) and what is my domain (I settled on the domain of charity).

There’s lots of self exploration to be done. I would recommend having a notebook and pen next to you as you read.

I consider myself a spiritual newbie and there were some parts of the book which were new to me. I don’t know much about goddesses like Isis, but I loved hearing about Cerridwen, the Welsh goddess of transformation!

I am really interested in the moon at the moment and so I loved reading about the moon phases and how we can work with the moon’s energy.

If, like me, you’re not a spiritual expert, don’t let that put you off reading this book.

It is a good introduction to lots of spiritual aspects; the bibliography is a handy resource as you can then read further books on the aspects which pique your interest the most.

Although I’ve now read the book once, it’s one I know I can go back to for reference and to try the exercises again if I’m called to do so.

Most of all, this book is about learning to love yourself. It’s about opening up to your possibilities and shining your light. It’s an uplifting read from one goddess to another.

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