holding brown curly hair

Fashion and beauty confessions

Today I have some fashion and beauty confessions for you, but not things like “I don’t take off my makeup before bed”. I mean the fashion and beauty goals I have, but am a little scared of embracing. Here’s my deepest, darkest confessions… I want violet curls I don’t mean a really bright purple, but a definite deep violet hue…

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stack of dresses

6 tips to have a great experience with Nuuly

I am absolutely in love with this service. This post is in no way sponsored, and actually Nuuly probably has no idea that I write here. I just love them, and want to share with you all! I have rented dresses for two previous occasions, and just ordered one to wear for our rehearsal dinner. Over the past orders I’ve…

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happy smiling mother and her child

The safety of your child is the most important! Find out how to choose baby clothes

Being a parent is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, but also the hardest. The responsibility of a parent is great, especially considering in the first years of life the child cannot protect himself and needs permanent supervision. One of the aspects that parents need to be very careful about is clothing. As adorable as baby clothes…

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ruffle sweater photo

Trend to try: ruffle sweaters

Hi friends! Today I’m bringing you a new trend to try this season. Not only do I love cold shoulder tops, I love cold shoulders with ruffles. Ruffle sweaters are the newest trend that I’m loving and here’s why you should be loving them too! Ruffle sweaters are a must for this season and for the upcoming winter season. Be…

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mountains during fall

5 accessories you need for fall

Today I am showing you the fall fashion must-haves for the new season is coming upon us. I love fall, obviously, and I love the accessories that come with the cooler weather. Here are the accessories you need to wearing this season: a blanket scarf, a wool hat, a large brown handbag, a pair of booties, and a wood watch….

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green pants

Summer green pants

Happy Wednesday! I am finally back to blogging and I couldn’t be any more excited. The last couple of weeks have been a good break and I am ready to share what has been going on, so be looking forward to new posts! Today I am going to share with you a little outfit inspiration featuring some beautiful green pants….

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