Contact lenses trial

eyeglasses and contact lenses

I never used to think that I would wear contact lenses, but recently I decided to try them. I wanted to refresh my image!

This week I am trialling them for the first time. I was sooo nervous to begin with about touching my eyeballs and it’s taking me quite a while to insert the lenses.

But once they’re in I find that they’re okay. I do initially find them uncomfortable for a few seconds, but once they settle in I can forget about them and my vision is great.

The weirdest thing is not needing to wear my glasses, and I keep going to fetch them!

I wore the lenses for most of Saturday and Sunday, then for a few hours after work on Tuesday. I will wear them again once more one evening before wearing them when I go back to see the optician on Saturday.

I can’t believe that I am actually able to put the lenses in after being scared of the idea for so long. I am quite comfortable with the idea of wearing the lenses at the weekends and having a regular order.

Do you wear contact lenses? Do you have any tips for me?

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