Cutting out negativity

enough is enough

I am so sick and tired of being nice and polite to people that are mean to me, so I’m changing it.

For starters, I stopped talking to “friends” you know, the ones that don’t act like friends.

Then I went through my facebook friends. That was a happy day. It was so therapeutic to delete people that I didn’t care about and they didn’t care about me.

When I was done, I posted a status telling everyone that if they were on my friends list, it was because I loved them and if we hadn’t talked in awhile, to send me a message to catch up. It was so nice catching up with some people that I just didn’t talk to anymore because of life getting in the way.

I’ve also started making sure to recognize and be extra thankful to the people that do something nice or sweet to me.

So far, it’s been a very pleasant experience overall and I can literally feel the negativity seeping out of me as I take out the negativity in my life.

So, if you have some negative people in your life, I encourage you to cut them out.

Trust me, I know how hard it can be. One of the girls I stopped talking to was someone that used to be my closest friend but at the end of the day, not having her random passive aggressive comments to worry over all day has been wonderful.

If you need encouragement email me. I know there are some times that I almost text that friend because something reminds me of what our friendship used to be and I need to talk to someone about it because otherwise I’ll get sad.

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