Don’t ask me how I’m doing

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Unless you want the truth that is.
Something that’s been on my mind for awhile is how fake people can be, especially when people ask us how we are.
Think about it.
How easy is it for someone to say “Hey, how are you?”
and you say “Oh hey! I’m good. How are you?”
Even when you’re dying inside?
During church one Sunday when I was thirteen or fourteen, the pastor said that when people ask how you are doing, you should tell them honestly. He was specifically referring to church and how you should not have walls with the people in your church congregation, but I applied in another area of my life too.
Who is one of the major groups of people that ask how you’re doing? Friends!
For years, I lied and said I was fine even though I wasn’t to all of my friends until that day.
From that day, if a friend asks me how I’m doing, I tell them honestly because that’s what friends are there for and if you can’t lean on your friends and family, who can you lean on?
Now, for strangers that are asking out of politeness, I will usually just say “Oh, I’m fine! How are you?” but if it’s actually a horrible day or stressful time in my life, I will say “Oh, I’m getting by. How are you?” in a somewhat cheerful voice. I’m not lying that way but I’m also not allowing them to think that I want to go in deeper with someone I may not even know.
That’s just my tidbit for today!
So, how are you doing?

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