Fall skin care tips for busy mothers

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Being a mom who has to run after one kid while the other cries for milk, it becomes almost impossible to take time out for some personal grooming and care. You end up neglecting how your skin and hair looks and you eventually begin to look much older than your age. However, you can change that about you this fall and follow these quick and easy skincare tips that require no extra efforts or time for a busy mother like you.

So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

Buy a Humidifier

Winters bring a lot of dryness and patchiness along with it that causes the skin to look all dull and cracked all the time. You need to lock some extra moisture in it and buying a humidifier can help get the job done. All you need to do is turn it on before you go to bed so that your skin stays hydrated and you wake up with a suppler and softer skin just like in summers.

Use a Rejuvenating Night Mask

Night masks don’t require you to wait around with a timer on. All you need to do is apply them before you head to bed and let them do their job while you sleep peacefully. These amazing rejuvenating masks don’t only help maintain the pH levels of your skin but also help in the regeneration of skin cells. The skin gets softer and smoother with regular use of night masks.

Don’t Sleep with Makeup On

The worst mistake that you can make is being too tired to take your makeup off and going to bed with it. It seeps into your skin and damages it deeply while you sleep. Therefore, no matter how busy or tired you are, don’t let your makeup sit on your face while you sleep. Cleanse and moisturize your face properly before going to bed if you want healthier skin for a long time.

Add Chia Seeds to Your Water

We all know that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is necessary for keeping yourself hydrated. However, if you add chia seeds to it, it becomes a nice detoxifying drink for you that helps remove toxins from your body and improves the way your skin looks and feels as well. You can always fill your water bottle and add one handful of chia seeds in it and let them settle before you start drinking.

Exfoliate Once A Week

Since winters make the skin super dry and a lot of dead skin cells get accumulated on your skin that need to be shed. Therefore, exfoliation is a must. However, keep in mind that exfoliation also leaves the skin dry if it is not too gentle and is too frequent. So, exfoliating only once a week is enough for keeping it supple and clean. Don’t use anything that has alcohol in it as it dries out the skin and makes it worst in winters.

Use Vitamin E Serum

Serums are great for nighttime and they keep the skin super healthy and prevent it from flaking during winters. They are very thing in consistency and therefore, they are able to pave their way deep into the skin and address different skin conditions as well. A serum with rosehip oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E can really work wonders for you this fall. You can also make one using these oils at home.

Avoid Hot Water

As soon as the winter arrives, you shift to hot showers because they are super relaxing. However, they are very damaging for the skin and they leave the skin super dry and dull. Therefore, make sure you avoid taking hot showers and use lukewarm water instead. Also, reduce the numbers of showers you take per week as the more you get in contact with water, the drier the skin feels.

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