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Today I have some fashion and beauty confessions for you, but not things like “I don’t take off my makeup before bed”. I mean the fashion and beauty goals I have, but am a little scared of embracing. Here’s my deepest, darkest confessions…

I want violet curls

I don’t mean a really bright purple, but a definite deep violet hue to my hair. I think it would look lovely with my natural curls but I have no idea how to go about it, should I go to a professional salon and ask their advice? But, most of all, FEAR holds me back. What if it goes wrong? What if I look awful? What if work disapprove and tell me to change it?

I want to wear bright makeup

Sometimes I do embrace this already, but some days I feel like I should apologise for being so bold. That sounds ridiculous when I write it, but I feel like everyone around me wears really muted makeup. However, my love of a fuschia lippie wins through and I will persevere with this one!

I want to wear beautiful vintage clothes

I adore the fashions of the 1920s and it makes me want to throw out my jeans and just wear dresses everyday. I want to wear hats on a daily basis instead of every now and then and I want to swish about in vintage tea dresses and elegant heels. However, I have no idea how to even begin to build a wardrobe like this!

The overall picture

I am afraid that if you see me in the street, with my bright lipstick, vintage clothes and violet curls, you would think ‘what a strange person’! Or would you think I looked amazing? Do I need to forget about what others think and just embrace what I love?

So there we have it, my confessions. It feels strangely vulnerable to have written this. Do you have any advice for me to achieve my goals, or have your own to share?

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