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Of all the four-letter words, “fear” might be the one that stirs up the greatest reaction, either flight or fight. For me, even the thought of facing my fears is enough to trigger an emotional or physical response. But I know that in order to tackle a fear or feel braver, I have to start admitting them. So here are some of my fears:

1. Being raped. I don’t know what it is but just the thought makes me want to hide in my house for the rest of my life.

2. Having another wreck. Ever since my wreck in September 2011, I am literally a nervous mess in the car. Sometimes, my arms still shake when I’m driving or I have to repeat to myself over and over “It will be ok”.

3. Having a sick child. I know that whatever happens we will deal with it, but I really just want our kids to be perfect with no health problems.

4. Not having control of my life. I had a rough childhood and now that I’m an adult and have my own life, I want to remain in control of what happens in it.

5. Being in a mental institution. At least, in the critical care part of one.

6. Basically, I hate being trapped, hence why I don’t like the idea of a mental institution because I couldn’t just leave when I wanted to.

7. Not sure if this is a real fear because I know it will not happen, but I don’t want to go through a divorce. When I got married, I got married for life, come hell or high water. It’s just not an option for us so I’m not sure if that counts.

What are you biggest fears?

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