5 foods to avoid if you have sensitive teeth

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Sensitive teeth are one of the most common dental problems faced by people of all age groups across the world. It is characterized by a feeling of pain or sensation while eating hot or cold foods or drinks.

The problem in itself is not dangerous but may be a sign of more serious health issues such as cavities, abscess.

If you want to ease your tooth sensitivity, you must them choose your menu carefully and avoid foods that are hot, cold, acidic, sugary and sticky.

By eating right, you can not only minimize the pain but may also get the problem away forever. You can eat and drink right to keep tooth sensitivity in check.

Here are some of top foods to avoid if you have sensitive teeth:

1. Soda

Soda should be a big no if you have sensitive teeth. It can aggravate the problem further and cause a lot of pain and discomfort in future. The ingredients of soda are not helpful for your teeth that are sensitive. In fact, it’s one of those rare foods items with the presence of both, sugar and acid.

So, it will be doubly harmful for your sensitive teeth. If you consume soda, there will always a risk of irritation caused to the exposed teeth nerves. Stay away from soda and lower pain with your sensitive teeth.

2. Ice cream

If you have sensitive teeth, stop relishing those flavoured ice cream that is part of your daily life. Ice cream too can worse tooth sensitivity in two ways – first, it’s cold and your teeth can’t bear them, and second, the sugar in them can cause more sensitivity to the teeth.

Ice is bad when you have sensitive teeth because you lack the enamel layer that shields the teeth. So, your nerves will not be insulated and the temperature from ice cream can worse the problem.

3. Hot coffee

Stop waking up to a hot cup of coffee if you have sensitive teeth. Hot foods are bad for your teeth lacking the protective enamel layer. The hotness of the coffee you drink can hurt your teeth and cause pain. And if the drink is sweetened with sugar, it can make the pain even worse.

You however can add some milk to the coffee and this can bring down the hotness level and also neutralize the acidity. Such coffees will this do less damage and les pain even when you have sensitive teeth.

4. Citrus fruits

All citrus foods are bad when you have sensitive teeth. They have high acidic content which can aggravate the sensitivity further and cause more pain and discomfort. From lemons to limes to grapefruits to pineapple, all acidic foods will affect your tooth sensitivity in a negative manner.

The high levels of acid present in these foods can wear away at tooth enamel. In fact, pain and tooth sensitivity can go up if you eat or drink citrus foods ever. So, stay away from them and keep your sensitivity a pain-free affair.

5. Juice and sports drink

If you consume juice and sports drinks thinking they help, you’re mistaken then especially when you have sensitive teeth. They are high in sugars and acids and you know such foods can worse the tooth sensitivity.

Even if you want to include juice and sports drink in your daily diet, make sure you give more care to your teeth and gums to minimize their harmful impact on the teeth.

You can also consult a dentist to know the harms of such foods when you have sensitive teeth.

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