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How many times you wanted that you have a satin finish, smooth and silky glowing skin without the trace of any unwanted hairs but ended in making your skin messy with rashes and cut all over? One should always use a good depilatory cream in place of an ordinary one or going for the sensitive waxing method or the traditional foam and razor use. It is safest and most convenient to use to remove any unwanted body hair at home in quick time. However before going for using them, one should know the working of the cream and the benefits as it is ultimately your skin on which it needs to be applied.

Working and the Benefits

You must know that the hairs in the body contain the protein keratin. The depilatory cream breaks down this structure and thins the hair. It also dissolves the hair base so that the hair breaks off while wiping the cream from the area of application. The creams are safe, and there are many types of cream available in the market, and one should buy the best cream according to the skin type after testing in a small patch of an area before applying to larger areas.

There are many benefits of depilatory creams as they dissolve the hairs below the skin surface. Unlike shaving which makes the hair more hard after few shaves using the cream and removing the hair makes the unwanted hair grow softer and thin in future making it easier to remove. Waxing is very painful, and often rashes come up, but with using a depilatory cream, one can avoid the fearful experience. One should follow the proper way to get the best results while using these creams.

Getting the Best Results

You can get some best results if you follow some guidelines while attempting to remove the unwanted body hair using a depilatory cream. It will make your skin more glowing, and you can get more satisfaction. The cream will also work better on your skin while removing the unwanted hairs.

  • In the beginning, one should find the right cream according to the skin type. You should choose a cream that matches with your skin sensitivity and if you are thinking to use the cream for your face or bikini area then make sure to buy the creams that are used for these particular areas. You can get these creams in spray form, gel or roll on and you can use them according to your choices.
  • If your skin is susceptible or you are under medication for some allergy, it is always better to talk to your doctor and dermatologist before the depilatory creams so that there are no more skin damages. Do as per the recommendations of the dermatologist. It is always better to do an allergy test before applying the skin to stay safe as the hormone levels of the body change now and then which also changes the chemistry of the skin. One should always go for multiple patch tests of various depilatory creams available in the market and select the right one after getting the best results from a particular cream and use it.
  • To get the best results one should take a shower and then dry up the skin thoroughly. It will remove the traces of any other lotion, or body moisturizer one is using, and the depilatory cream acts directly with more effect on the hairs without any barrier. It is good to soak the skin with warm water mainly in the areas where the hair is coarse especially in the pubic region. Soaking helps to soften the strands, and the cream can easily break down them.
  • After reading the directions on the pack, follow the instructions that are given. Not all creams are same, and no same guidelines apply for all creams. It depends upon the strength of the cream and the area of the skin from where hair is being removed. Some area may take more time, and another region may take less time. But never keep the creams to get a more good result than that is advice on the pack as it may burn your skin, and adverse reactions may occur.
  • To get a great result using the depilatory creams one should apply a thick layer of the cream on the area where removal of hairs is needed. The cream should be applied smoothly and not abruptly. You should not rub the depilatory cream on your skin but gently spread it using your fingers or the spatula. Any uneven application will ensure that your hair in the area will be removed in patches and making your skin looks with spots. Therefore make sure to apply the depilatory cream evenly. You should never use these creams to remove the hairs of your nostrils, ears, the eyebrows and the skin circling the eyes, nipples, genitals or the anus.
  • After applying the cream on the skin, leave it to settle and begin to work. One should follow the directions given on the pack. It can take anywhere within ten minutes and very rarely the time exceeds that. The hairs of some areas of the skin will come off within 3 minutes of application.
  • Keeping the cream more than recommended time on the skin can harm your skin and redness and rashes can come up. However, after applying the cream one can feel a tingling sensation. It is quite normal as the chemicals in the cream begin to break the keratin of the hair to make it weak and thin. If any burning sensation is felt, the cream should be immediately washed off with water. A bad smell may be sensed after applying the cream on the skin, but this is normal as it is the smell of the chemical reactions between the unwanted hairs and the cream.
  • After the stipulated time for keeping the cream is over one should gently remove the cream with a damp cloth or the spatula. You should wipe the cream gently from the skin and not rubbing the areas. If there is a need, you can rinse the area of your body from where the unwanted hairs have been removed to wash off any residual depilatory cream left over that area ensuring no further chemical reactions take place.
  • After washing your skin, you should always pat it t dry and do not rub any dry cloth. A body moisturizer should be used to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Check the area and find out if all the unwanted hairs have been removed. If you find that some stubble hairs are still left on the skin, you should at least wait for 48 hours before using the depilatory cream once again. Do not try to remove the remaining hairs before that cool off time that is required for the skin.
  • One should always check that the unwanted hairs that need to be removed are of the right length. If they are too big, particularly in the pubic regions, one should use a pair of scissors to cut them down. Again if the hairs are too small, the depilatory creams do not work effectively. The creams work best when the unwanted hair is between a quarter inch and stubble length. One should, therefore, use a thick layer of the cream to remove the unwanted hairs.
  • One should always use the right kind of cream to get the best result. A bikini area hair removal cream will not suitably work on other areas, or a hair removal cream that is needed to remove the hairs of your legs might turn out too harsh for your bikini areas and start to give skin problems. So it is best to use specified creams for the specific areas of the body to get the best results.


Throughout every decade people particularly women want to look attractive and beautiful in the eyes of others. Even some of the religions have given guidelines to remove the unwanted hairs of the body, particularly certain areas.

There are no secrets to removing these unwanted hairs painlessly using the right depilatory cream, however a little extra care while using the cream can be more beneficial not only to remove the unwanted hairs but also to protect the skin. One should always use the painless methods of removing the unwanted hairs of the body with a good depilatory cream rather than choosing the painful waxing method or the time taking shaving methods that lead to cuts and rashes. IT is o sin t look attractive and beautiful in the eyes of others. Often some profession needs the staff to be well groomed and stay clean while in work particularly those who are in the hospitality industry. Using the depilatory creams in the rights manner along with some extra precautions and actions can give the best result to have soft and silky skin. The chemistry of relationship often has relations with the chemistry of the mind being blown out. Look more beautiful using these creams more effectively.

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