Getting in my way lately

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There are times when trying to live a healthy lifestyle is quite hard. Here’s what’s been getting in my way lately:


I’ve been in my job for a couple of months and it’s leaving me with a shorter lunchtime, and therefore less walking. I make my own lunch and take it to the office with me, and so I don’t leave the building.


This may sound like a strange one, but I can’t workout if I’m hungry. If I get home from work and the hunger pangs are striking, then I won’t go for a run. Let’s get dinner on instead!


I love eating and drinking with friends. But, I find it tough to eat healthily when I’m out. It seems like everything comes with chips and I’m more likely to drink alcohol too. However, I don’t ever want to not enjoy meals out with friends, so the key is moderation.

Wasting my mornings

I really should make better use of my mornings to go for a walk or run. But I can’t seem to get the motivation. It would make things much easier for me though, so I will try.

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