Getting out of my fitness rut

preparing for running

Over the past few weeks, I have fallen into a fitness rut. It started with a cold; there was no way I was going to go for a run while my head was pounding and I was constantly sneezing and sniffling. Instead, I let my body rest.

But since then, I’ve been struggling to get back into a running routine. My weekends have been busy and I’ve been rushing around instead of making time for a run.

Then, after work, I’ve been too hungry to go for a run before dinner, or like this evening, I decided against a run because it was pouring with rain.

Well, this rut has to disappear. The difference between today and last year though, is that I am dedicated to my fitness in the long term, and I’m not going to give up like I would have done then.

So I have lots of ideas as we move towards the warmer months.

I am going to be starting a new job next week, with slightly different hours and a shorter commute, so this is a great time to re-evaluate my fitness goals. My routine is going to change but I hope that there will be more time for fitness, either before or after work. I aim to:

  • Go running twice a week
  • Try out new Youtube fitness videos; I would love to be able to learn a zumba/dance routine
  • Skip 100 times on the days when I don’t go running, building up to 150, then 200 skips
  • Walk as and when, to go to the shop, around the park… I’m also thinking about taking part in a dog walking scheme

What are your fitness goals for spring/summer? Let’s support each other!

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