Getting out of the blogger comparison trap

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A fabulous part of blogging is reading other blogs and connecting with other bloggers. I love visiting my favourite blogs, reading the latest posts and writing comments. But, what about when we look at our fellow bloggers’ blogs and think thoughts like this:

– She has so many more followers than me. I should give up!
– Her photos are amazing.
– My posts are so boring compared to hers!

At times, it’s easy to think like this. Maybe you’re having a bad day in general, or you feel that you have written a couple of posts which aren’t up to your usual standard. However, I don’t think we should ignore this blogging phenomenon and suppress our feelings. Instead, here’s my advice for climbing out of that comparison trap.

Don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle.

If a blog has been running for years, then the blogger is at a different part of the journey to you. She will be in a different place completely to you at only six months in. Keep that in mind when you’re eyeing up her IG followers enviously.

It’s okay to feel like taking a break, or think of giving up blogging completely.

You will notice that bloggers do take breaks, or reduce their amount of posts. I feel pressure to post regularly, but it’s myself who piles that pressure on. None of my blogging friends would be angry with me for missing a day, and I would never be annoyed with them either. Some bloggers do stop blogging completely. I have thought about what my life would be like without this blog, but I would miss it too much.

We are all unique and have something vital to offer the world.

You are a gorgeous human being with so much to bring to your blog and the wider community. I believe that from the bottom of my heart. Write about what makes you happy and your readers will know that you are coming from a place of generosity and passion and keep coming back.

Don’t get caught up in worrying about numbers.

I’ve seen some bloggers with 100 Twitter followers experience far more engagement than some with thousands. Build a community, not faceless numbers.

Blogging is an ongoing process, the learning will never end.

Even professional full time bloggers have to change and grow in order to build their platform. There is always going to be a new social media app to get to grips with, a new camera which promises to be perfect for blog pictures…. you don’t have to know it all now.

Reach out to bloggers you admire.

Don’t worry that your posts are less interesting than hers; instead tweet her to compliment her on a great post. E-mail a blogger to discuss photo apps if you’re constantly eyeing up her pics. Let her know that you admire her technique! Blogging would be no fun at all if we did not reach out and chat. Who else can we discuss blogging with if not other bloggers?

What are your tips for getting out of the blogger comparison trap?

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