How history can inspire you

castle tower ruins

Since I was a small girl, I have been enthralled by history. Introduced to the Tudors whilst in primary school, my lifelong love affair with their stories began in earnest.

History is a big hobby of mine, and now I enjoy blogging about medieval and Tudor history. But not only that, the incredible stories of some truly amazing women have inspired me during some of the lowest periods of my life.

To learn about the heroism and strength of women like Catherine of Valois and Matilda the Empress has really spoken to me during times when I have been ill and despondent.

These women are still being discussed centuries later, and continue to enchant millions of people across the world.

A historical biography is always close at hand, and I love nothing more than watching a good historical documentary

Now thanks to the internet, I can also connect with other history fans and debate and share our thoughts and theories, or tweet a favourite academic or author.

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