How to achieve a perfect no makeup look

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The natural no makeup look is all you need to perfect your skin and look like a total pro while going out. The right products at the right amount will increase your skin’s texture and natural tone. For a luminous complexion and flawless look, stay in style always with a makeup that is ultimately wearable and barely there too.

Step 1

Proudly flaunting your actual skin color is the key to look beautiful. This is why your skin needs to be cleansed properly. Find the perfect shade of blendable makeup and apply to areas where necessary. Conceal dark circles or blackheads and blend with your fingertips. Once you have evened the tone, apply foundation that is your exact match.

Step 2

Apply a light dusting of a face powder, again keep in mind that it should match your skin. Apply it only your T-zone and areas where oily usually appears.

Step 3

A perfect no makeup look is all about looking flawlessly natural and not heavily made-up or toned. If you want to look just the right amount of healthy, create a rosy flush on your cheeks by applying on to the apples. If you have a darker tone than choose a deep shade, otherwise go for baby pink or a blossom sort of shade.

Step 4

Corrected the uneven skin? Check! Masked your skin with a little colour? Check! Taken precaution against the stupid oil that breaks in your skin? Check! Now is the time to give a little volume to your lashes to give you a completely natural and breathable look. Curl lashes; you can also use a touch of lash boosting serum to define your lashes a bit more. If your lashes aren’t heavy in volume, you can also apply a single coat of black or brown-black mascara.

Step 5

Another thing that is the key to achieving a perfect no-makeup look is neatly groomed eyebrows. If you want your face to look healthy and fresh at the same time, giving some time to your eyebrows is a must. Trim stray brow hairs, and brush away unruly hairs too. Fill bare spots with some high-quality products. Believe me; it will undoubtedly create perfect and on-point eyebrows.

Step 6

Ladies, lips is the exact spot of your face that can make or break any look. Don’t go overboard with them if you are trying out the natural look. Even if you commit a slightest bit of mistake with your lip colour, you are in a danger of spoiling your whole look. In this case, put a cap over your bold lip colour craving and follow what we say.

For this look, your lips should be just a shade brighter than your actual skin colour. Go either for a nude matte or pick up soft pink that can only enhance your lips, not actually darken them. Believe me; you will love your look in the end.

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