How to fit audiobooks into your day

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I’ve been using Audible for about a year now, and over that time I have gone through peaks and troughs of listening to books for several hours a week, or only finding a few minutes a month. Here’s my advice on how to fit listening audiobooks into your day. Some are more inventive than others!

On a commute

If you have quite a way to travel to work and back, then this is prime time for audiobooks. Whether you travel on foot, by bus or car, it’s an ideal time to get some listening done and you may complete a book in about a week’s time.

When you are doing chores

Earlier today, I listened to an audiobook while peeling veg for dinner. I often do it while I am sorting out the laundry or cleaning the kitchen. It definitely feels good to let my mind drift away to something interesting when you are phyiscally doing something boring.

When you are pampering

Last night I dyed my hair and as I was waiting for it to set, I had my audiobook on. You can also listen while you have a manicure or straighten your hair. I often do so when I am putting my makeup on too.

During exercise

Whether you go to the gym, have a run around your local park or do weights at home, this is a great opportunity to fit in some audiobook time! Exercise your mind and body at the same time.

Creative time

As bloggers and creatives, we have time to listen to audiobooks while we pursue our creative projects. While we write blog posts, create graphics, schedule our social media posts… Or if you have a hobby like sewing or painting, you can have a book on at the same time. It might inspire your creativity!

Do you listen to audiobooks?

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