Instant mood boosters

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Sometimes we all feel a bit down in the dumps or need a way to lift our mood after a long, tiring day. Here are my favourite mood boosters which take little time at all:

Find a new recipe and plan a trip to buy the ingredients

If you love food, then finding a new recipe on a blog or on Pinterest can be a great way to lift a smile. Write down a list of the ingredients for your next shopping trip. There’s no reason to put off making your new yummy find!

Play an uplifting tune

Whether you love rock music, classical music or rap, click onto Spotify and ramp up the volume. You will feel the cobwebs blowing away within moments.

Paint your nails

If you love nail varnish like I do, a manicure can be just what you need after a tough day at work. Choose a bright colour, buff those nails and when you’ve finished painting them, don’t forget the hand cream!

Find a new book to get excited about

Why not browse your friends’ bookshelves and choose a book which is completely different to something which you’d normally choose, but gets your heart racing at the thought of it. I can’t be the only one who feels like that about books!

Visit your local library

Why not stroll along the bookshelves at the library. It’s also a great place to rent DVDs and find out about local events. You’ll feel refreshed after spending time in the peaceful atmosphere.

Look up a new class to take

Think about something which you’d really like to try. Maybe you’d like to learn to draw, or take up tennis lessons. Finding a class at your local gym or offered by the local council could really be a fabulous confidence boost when you’re feeling low.

Read in bed with a cup of tea

Yes I’m back to the books… nothing is more blissful than a soothing warm drink, pjs, pillows and a good read.

What are your favourite instant mood boosters?

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