Is owning books materialistic?

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I know I am not the only one being in love with reading. In my day to day life, I may not be surrounded by people who read novels everyday, but I can go online and find my reading soulmates.

However, I recently watched a few videos about book buying/owning being materialistic, and as something to be avoided.

I also read discussions about people being obsessed with having pretty bookshelves as their backdrops. I felt as though I wanted to chime in with my own thoughts.

I don’t think any reading fan can claim that they aren’t seduced by a pretty cover every now and again. I don’t think that that makes you a bad person.

There are worse things in life to covet than books; and books can mean a lot to people. I’m not going to judge someone for being proud of their collection of books.

You could say that buying anything makes you materialistic. But buying something you are passionate about, and will love and cherish… I think that’s the opposite of the type of person which some have been portraying.

As a book lover myself I can tell you that books are like friends, and that they can combat loneliness and lift your mood. They can change your life.

During 2019, I am going to read the books I already own and support my local library. But if I see a book that I’m dying to read when I browse online, or a great deal pops up on my Kindle, I’m going to buy.

I want to build a library I love and I don’t feel guilty about that. I love my books and keep them in excellent condition. I also give back to society by donating books to charity shops. Surely that’s the healthiest attitude to have.

Whether you only ever use the library, or buy books every week, let’s live and let live! What do you think?

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