Kiss me First book review

Kiss me First was utterly unputdownable from the first page. It’s a psychological thriller which just pulled me into its pages, there’s no other way to describe it.

Leila is in Spain to trace the last steps of Tess, the girl who killed herself and trained Leila up to take over her online profiles and emails.

Leila is deeply naive and has lived a sheltered life with a mother who died after coping with MS. She has no social life, instead retreating inwards to her flat and Red Pill, the philosophy site where she debates life’s big issues with other members.

She believes that Tess has a right to kill herself and agrees to post as Tess on Facebook for six months after her death.

She thinks that she can gradually decrease contact and that no one will suspect anything when Tess disappears.

This is a huge flaw in a disastrous plan which catapults Leila into a dangerous world where real and virtual lives collide, particularly over Tess’s old flame, Connor.

Leila’s world view is disturbing, particularly when she becomes so obsessed with Tess and Connor. There can be no happy ending here, but this is a book to be devoured.

It makes you question our online presences, our beliefs on suicide and euthanasia and that nothing in life is black or white.

For a twisted ride into dangerous territory, I can’t recommend this enough.

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