Life is a Gift book review

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To have begun reading this book and then to discover that the author has left this life was quite upsetting. My instinct had been to write to this lovely lady and thank her for her illuminating book.

‘Life is a Gift’ had been on my bookshelf for a few months before I finally decided to sit down and read it. When I sat down with it at last, I discovered that it had arrived at the right time during my journey, and has allowed me to connect deeper within.

I will share with you my favourite discoveries.

The purpose of life is joy

Doesn’t this make your heart skip with light? It is true, I feel it in my soul. Happiness is our default setting. It’s all that shiz that we pile on top of it that we need to peel away, and reset to happiness. As babies we are born innocent and happy, after all. Also, you are a creative spark of divine energy. This truly makes me go all warm and fuzzy!

Life is a gift

Traditional religion teaches us that we are sinners. Yes, God loves us and forgives us, but we are sinners all the same. This tenet has always unsettled me. But, life is not a trial; the purpose is not to ‘be good’ lest we fall into hellfire. Neither is life an accident. At times I have thought that everything comes down to chance, that we have to stay safe because we don’t know when danger will hit. Instead, life is a gift; so enjoy it, follow your bliss and be happy!

It’s okay to daydream!

All my life I have daydreamed, about all sorts of things and every part of life. Gill positively encourages this, as a way of bringing our desires to fruition. I have long believed in the power of visualization, and this confirms it. If we dream it, we bring it closer to our realities. So feel free to dream about your ideal home, finding your true love, acing that job interview… the universe is bringing it to you…

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