Little lies book review

This lady is one of my absolute favourite authors, and I leapt at the chance of reading this book as soon as it came out in hardback. I simply could not resist.

The book tells the story of three women who are friends and whose children all attend the same school.

Madeleine is my favourite character; she’s sassy and loves fashion, and is struggling to cope with her daughter’s current closeness to the father who abandoned her as a baby.

Celeste is rich and beautiful, but her marriage is not all it seems.

Finally, Jane has just moved to the area with her five year old son, who is accused of bullying a little girl, an accusation which spirals out of control.

The novel begins with a murder; but we don’t know who or how. All we know is that the school trivia night got out of control.

The events of the book are the circumstances which led to the murder. The author unravels every detail piece by piece, leaving you thirsting for more with every scrap of information.

Whilst the main characters may be likeable, the supporting characters certainly are not! The school mothers are just awful. Madeleine’s ex husband, Celeste’s husband; no thanks.

In such a bitchy atmosphere, where resentments fester, there were plenty of possible murder victims… I had a good idea of who would be murdered, but the identity of the murderer was a complete shock.

Just buy this book now, and settle down for pure reading joy.

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