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You already know I love books so much. And when I saw these questions on another blog, I thought of answering them myself. So here they are:

If you could take up residence in a book, which one would it be?
It would be the wizarding world in the Harry Potter books. I would visit Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, the Ministry of Magic… It would be amazing.

What is your least favorite book you’ve ever read?
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I didn’t like the plot, the characters or the style of writing. Estella and Miss Havisham are just awful people, I wanted to tell Pip to get out of their clutches.

Did you ever judge a book by it’s cover and then go back and read it and end up loving it?
To be honest I don’t take much interest in book covers. If I want to read something, the cover won’t put me off.

What is your favorite tea? Or do you prefer coffee?
A cup of strong English breakfast tea please, just a splash of milk and no sugar.

Hard copy books, audio books, or e-books! Which is your favorite way to read?
It’s got to be hard copies. I love the smell, the pages, bending the spine. I have a Kindle and I’m getting used to it, but it’s really not the same experience.

Do you have a crush on a character from a book/show/anything?
No, characters really don’t do it for me!

What was the first book you remember reading as a child?
I have a lot of memories of reading Enid Blyton anthologies. As soon as I could read, I devoured books.

What is your favorite season? Why?
I think it’s spring. I enjoy taking walks in nature, wearing t-shirts instead of jumpers, the sunshine and the crisp breeze. It feels like the Earth is coming to life.

Do you have a favorite purse or bag? What makes it your favorite? (Mine fits a book perfectly!)
I have a gorgeous lilac bag, which I love for the colour.

Are you a cat person? Or a dog person?
I never used to like cats, but they’ve grown on me. Dogs can be boisterous and they jump all over you. I will say cats.

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