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Recently I bought some new music for me to listen to while I am out running. I don’t often buy music, so I knew I wanted to choose artists whose albums I would really love. I wasn’t disappointed! Here are my picks:

Ultimate Collection by Anastacia

Way back in 2000, I heard ‘I’m Outta Love’ by Anastacia for the first time and I was blown away by her voice. She was so different to other female singers like Britney Spears. Fast forward to now, and she has been through several health problems and admitted to lying about her age. This collection of her most famous songs has me singing along and I am still marveling at that voice!

Revolve by John Newman

To be honest, John Newman’s first album passed me by. But then I heard ‘Come and Get It’ and I knew I wanted more. He has an amazing voice and the depth of his music… it just blows me away. I feel so inspired after listening to this album, it just makes me want to run faster and faster! You really feel that he has poured everything into this album.

Hysteria by Katharine McPhee

I first came across Katharine McPhee when she starred in the TV show ‘Smash’, and I instantly knew I wanted to find out more about her career. It took me about 2 seconds to decide to buy this album. It’s such a fun and on trend pop album. To my mind, it’s as good as Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’. I can listen to it from end to end and just want to enjoy it over and over. I think this my fave of these three albums.

Do you like any of these artists? Do you have music recommendations?

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