My favourite characters from ‘Once Upon a Time’

I received the season 2 DVD of Once Upon a Time for Christmas and I’m really enjoying it! I loved the first season and I don’t know why I stopped watching it. I am going to share my favourite characters.

Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin

Also known as the Beast/the Crocodile/The Dark One… Mr. Gold has manipulated all things in order for Regina to create the curse so that it can benefit him. He is a powerful sorcerer, a murderer, a villain… but he also loves his son, and Belle.

She believes in the good within him, when no one else can. Gold is so intriguing, so calculating, so conflicted, and expertly played by Robert Carlyle.

The Evil Queen / Regina

Lana Parrilla steals every scene. Regina was once such a good person, but her mother and Rumplestiltskin (and to her mind, the child Snow White) ruined her with their hate and black magic.

She became the Evil Queen and cursed the Enchanted Forest. But there is good inside her, her love for Henry proves that.

Snow White

This is not Snow White as she is in the Disney film. This is Snow White who is kind and loving and all the things that the fairytale taught us, but she is also brave, strong and determined, and she’s great with a bow and arrow. Don’t you think that her daughter takes after her?


I think Belle is quite different to the Disney portrayal, despite obvious similarities like a love of books and her outfits. She’s determined to stand by Gold, no matter what, and she is just as brave as the other characters. I love how she is developing and coming into her own.


Emma had a difficult start in life, and she gave birth to her son in prison. It doesn’t get more grim than that. But I think she’s so courageous, and also cool. If she wasn’t so busy being Sheriff I’d like to be friends with her!

Do you love Once Upon a Time?

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