My imaginary magical home

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I live in a small two bed terraced house with my love and our guinea pigs. As much as I love our home, if I could design my own dream house, with no monetary restraints and a dash of magic thrown in, this is what it would look like…

Sweeping staircase

Let’s be honest, this is essential. A marble staircase is the epitome of grace but in a twist, there would have to be bookcases under the stairs!


Yes, this house is going to be largely book themed. A huge library where I could hide away for hours, hidden in piles of cushions and books, is a must. There would be many categories of books, such as history, contemporary, fantasy, thriller…

Secret passage

A passage which leads to a secret room, maybe a study? Somewhere for me to blog and write, away from the stresses of daily life. I envisage the passage as being stone but with candles along the walls.


In the garden, a treehouse is top of my list. A pretty, fairytale treehouse with cushions, fairy lights, and plants. It would be the ideal place for blogger friends to come round and enjoy a coffee.

Four poster beds

The bedrooms will have ornate woodwork and beams. Naturally rooms like that must also have four poster beds. The snug vibe will ensure a great night’s sleep!

Craft room

A beautiful white room with shelves from floor to ceiling for my yarn, and a simple desk where I could paint and draw to my heart’s content, would be my dream craft room. There would be lots of cute art and typography on the walls for creative inspiration. Also, a huge comfy sofa for me to sit and crochet.

Waterfall and pond

I am fascinated by water features so a waterfall which culminates in a pond would be my idea of heaven. It would be so relaxing to just sit and listen to the water, and then feel inspired to go inside to work on the blog or a crochet project. Definitely a place to mull over ideas and enjoy the tranquility.


Of course, I would need to sit next to the pond in style! I don’t mean a small fabric hammock; I have more of a hanging sofa with beautiful sheets in mind!


A small, stylish cafe where hot drinks and pastries are always available for family and friends. A place where drinks and laughter flow freely.

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