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Today I am sharing which author’s books I have read the most of. I am counting down from number 5!

5. Jane Austen and J. K. Rowling – 7 novels each

Tying in fifth place, are these two literary goddesses. Both such different authors, separated by centuries, but two of the most famous writers ever.

Basically, they have both written seven novels, and I have read them all. If you haven’t done this too, my only question is, why ever not?!

There is no way I could ever choose my favourite Harry Potter book, but with Austen, I have a soft spot for both Emma and Mansfield Park.

4. Alison Weir – 8 books

Alison Weir is a prolific historical writer of both biographies and novels, and to be honest I have read a mixture of those. She has written so much more than just eight books though, and there are so many more that I hope to read in the future.

If you have any interest in history, the chances are that Alison has written a book on the topic and I can’t advise you enough to check out her books. I also met her at a book signing!

3. Phillippa Gregory – 12 books

I simply adore this author’s historical series of novels, and I have devoured the Tudor Court novels and the White Queen series.

Gregory is quite a divisive author but I think that her novels bring history to life, and that’s what I am looking for in a novel about real, historical events.

Yes, there are inaccuracies, but I know where to go for the facts. Just let me bask in these novels please!

2. Agatha Christie – 16 novels

The Queen of Crime herself, Christie’s books got me hooked on crime novels. Surely one of the most prolific novelists in history, her characters are legendary.

Poirot is my favourite ever detective and I can never resist picking one up! Thanks to Agatha Christie I have gone on to enjoy many other murder mystery novels and it’s a genre I always go back to.

1. P. G. Wodehouse – 30 novels

Stomping into first place is P. G. Wodehouse, the greatest comic author who ever lived. I used to chain read his books one after the other with an insatiable appetite for more of Jeeves’ adventures, the capers of the Earl of Emsworth and the boys at the Drones.

There is no other author who can do what Wodehouse can with words, and his stories will last forever. I know for sure that I will always return to his novels as long as I live.

Who are your most read authors?

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