My rules for a Netflix binge

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than watching a few episodes of your favourite programme on Netflix. Here’s how my binge sessions look:

I go for a long walk or a run beforehand. Then I feel like I have earned my time to relax!

When it comes to snacks, I get a long glass of water, some yoghurt and some berries to dip. I’m not a huge snacker to be honest, so sometimes I will just have the water.

Get out the guinea pigs! Netflix is more fun with pets. It’s even more relaxing when you have a pet to stroke and some purring to listen to.

PJs and/or a dressing gown are a must. Also cushions, blankets… whatever it takes to make the space as comfortable and cosy as possible. Whether I am sitting in bed or on the sofa, it’s going to be a fluffy place!

What are your Netflix binge rules?

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