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Today I wanted to examine my social media activity from a ‘growing my blog’ perspective. I definitely feel that I have been upping my game recently and I thought that sharing my progress would be a good way for me to see how I am getting on, and also it may be interesting for you to read.


OK, let’s start with the platform that I find most difficult. Last year I had a burst of Pinterest inspiration, and whilst that may have worn off a little, I am still showing up and pinning, which I think is the most important thing to do.

I also use Pinterest to find craft tutorials and recipes which is something I never used to do, so my habits have changed. I will get there!


I was late to the Insta party but I love it, and I am choosing not to allow the new changes to get me down. I have made a good effort to take part in some #bookstagram challenges, and I am really enjoying book photography.

I post consistently and I am happy with my feed, which I think is important because I have seen a lot of bloggers discussing being unhappy with theirs. I love finding new accounts to follow and commenting on posts.


I definitely consider Twitter to be my most successful platform. It’s where I have the most followers and interaction.

Recently I have been working hard to schedule tweets about a week in advance and I have been adding photos to my tweets. I also believe in showing up and connecting, so I do spend short bursts of time on Twitter to chat.

I have taken part in 3 or 4 Twitter chats in the past week, which is an increase from 0! I love re-tweeting or sharing other bloggers’ posts.

So that’s my progress! How have you been using social media to grow your blog lately?

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