My top 5 worst ever romantic comedies

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Let’s have some fun today! Discussing my five worst ever romantic comedies. Because I love a good rom com for relaxing and all the happy feels. But sometimes the movie makers get it so WRONG. These are the films I regret watching….

Over Her Dead Body

I usually enjoy Paul Rudd films but this is one that you just wish he had refused halfway through the first meeting about it. Eva Longoria is his fiancee who dies in an accident, then subsequently haunts him and tries to sabotage his next relationship. It’s just nauseating and even though Longoria’s character is dead, you won’t have a shred of sympathy for her.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Yes, there is a theme developing. Basically, ghosts and romantic comedies don’t make a good movie. Matthew McConaughey is a bachelor who loves as many women as he possibly can, until the night before his brother’s wedding when he is visited by the spirits of previous girlfriends. I think this is meant to be a (strange) take on A Christmas Carol and I would like to tell the person who thought it was a good idea that they were wrong.

All About Steve

If you love Bradley Cooper like I do, you may think that you should watch this film. Let me save you the bother. Sandra Bullock plays a kooky girl who falls for Cooper’s cameraman after one date and basically stalks him. She follows him all over the country which is cute and endearing, right? I’m afraid not.

Rumor Has It

This movie has the ick factor nailed. Jennifer Aniston learns that her mother and grandmother have both had affairs with the same man, and then falls for him herself. Even though the possibility that he is her dad is raised. Just noooo, do I need to say any more? This is a rom com without the rom and without the com.

Suburban Girl

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a book editor who falls for the much older Alec Baldwin. Cue lots of embarrassing and predictable jokes and situations, like Baldwin being mistaken for Gellar’s father. I’m not sure what the point of the film is at all!

Your turn: what are the worst romantic comedies which you have ever seen?

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