Slow but graceful

trio arte concert

We attended a recital yesterday, with the amazing Trio Arte. The musicians were so full of passion and vigor, that they were just so inspirational.

They played three wonderful works, two of which I loved, and one of which I thought was alright. The Romantic period is my favorite period of music, and I usually have a hard time choosing my favorite composer, but boy does Brahms certainly sway my vote with this.

This was from the last work that they played. It is the third movement, and is described as ‘Andante grazioso’, which means slow but graceful. This movement was amazingly beautiful. The way the different instruments gently take turns with the theme is awesome. It was definitely a graceful yet dramatic piece.

I just love everything about this movement. I could probably go on for pages if I don’t stop myself. And it would just be “beautiful”, “amazing”, etc. But you get the picture.

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