Woman reading inside a huge book at night

Bookish feelings

Books can take me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Here is how I like books to make me feel. Happy It’s an obvious one, but I read because I enjoy it and it gives me happiness. Just to be reading makes me joyful, no matter what type of book I am reading. I make a point of reading daily…

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woman playing audiobook on smartphone

How to fit audiobooks into your day

I’ve been using Audible for about a year now, and over that time I have gone through peaks and troughs of listening to books for several hours a week, or only finding a few minutes a month. Here’s my advice on how to fit listening audiobooks into your day. Some are more inventive than others! On a commute If you…

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bookshelves full of books

My most read authors

Today I am sharing which author’s books I have read the most of. I am counting down from number 5! 5. Jane Austen and J. K. Rowling – 7 novels each Tying in fifth place, are these two literary goddesses. Both such different authors, separated by centuries, but two of the most famous writers ever. Basically, they have both written…

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woman reading a book in bed

My must reads for 2019

Oh books, how I adore you… this year I am going to be frugal when it comes to book buying and I plan on using the library as much as possible, but I have identified a few that I am absolutely certain deserve a place on my bookshelf! In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware I do love a…

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books in personal library

Is owning books materialistic?

I know I am not the only one being in love with reading. In my day to day life, I may not be surrounded by people who read novels everyday, but I can go online and find my reading soulmates. However, I recently watched a few videos about book buying/owning being materialistic, and as something to be avoided. I also…

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Hotel Alpha book review

I don’t know anything about Mark Watson’s other novels or his career as a comedian, but I do like a novel about a hotel. Having worked in a couple, I find that they can be fascinating settings for stories such as this one. Howard York has created an exemplary hotel in the Hotel Alpha. He is rich and famous and…

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