music for running

Music to rock your socks off!

Recently I bought some new music for me to listen to while I am out running. I don’t often buy music, so I knew I wanted to choose artists whose albums I would really love. I wasn’t disappointed! Here are my picks: Ultimate Collection by Anastacia Way back in 2000, I heard ‘I’m Outta Love’ by Anastacia for the first…

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romantic couple smiling

My top 5 worst ever romantic comedies

Let’s have some fun today! Discussing my five worst ever romantic comedies. Because I love a good rom com for relaxing and all the happy feels. But sometimes the movie makers get it so WRONG. These are the films I regret watching…. Over Her Dead Body I usually enjoy Paul Rudd films but this is one that you just wish…

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woman watching tv

TV shows and films which I want to watch

I am so bad at keeping up with the films and TV shows which I want to watch. I get all excited about something, and then I don’t go to the cinema to see it, or I hear about great shows a few years into their series run. I go to the cinema maybe twice a year! But here’s a…

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romantic couple kiss sunset

My top 90s rom coms

Never Been Kissed Oh wow, I used to root for Josie so badly. I never really ‘got’ her flirtation with Guy (concentrate on Mr Coulson!), but other than that, I love this film. US high school fascinated me! She’s All That Which leads me to another high school film. When I think about this film now, it’s strange to realise…

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Why I love being a Hufflepuff

Despite being a big Harry Potter fan, it’s only a couple of months ago that I did the official sorting test on Pottermore. I’d always felt drawn to either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but as soon as I was sorted into Hufflepuff I felt really excited about it and began researching more about the house. Here’s why I love being a…

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She made broken look beautiful

Here’s a beautiful poem. I’m not quite the most sensitive guy but when I saw and read it first, I liked it a lot. Later on I discovered this poem written by Ariana Dancu on a lot of websites so I said to myself, let’s share it. I think I got a beautiful photo to illustrate this poem so enjoy…

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