miniature harry potter

Things I don’t like about Harry Potter

The topic today is a controversial one…. the things I don’t like about Harry Potter! Quidditch I don’t really get quidditch. The rules go over my head, and I always skip over the quidditch games in the books or go and get a snack during the games in the films. I can’t be the only one surely? As much as…

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hogwarts castle

Which pet would I take to Hogwarts?

Things have been quiet around here recently, but today I’m back with a first post about the Harry Potter universe on my blog as just I decided to rank the Hogwarts pets myself. And in the fourth position is the… Rat I’m not one of those people who think a rat is cute. Their tails make me feel all creeped…

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couple watching movie on tv

Annoying things TV characters do

I don’t know about you, but even when I really love a TV programme, there are always some things that the characters do that really annoy me! Here’s a selection of things which really get on my nerves… Speak loudly in the next room/through the door and think no one can hear When the conversation takes a certain turn and…

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violin concerto

To the Memory of an Angel

I would first of all like to thank Marco Martin for helping me to remember this composer! This is a piece that has stuck with me since I learned about it a year and a half ago in my music history class. It is a Violin Concerto by Alban Berg, with the title “To the Memory of an Angel”. This…

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concert orchestra

Symphony Sunday: Italian symphony

This movement from Felix Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian’ Symphony has been going through my head since I first heard it while browsing on YouTube yesterday and discovered it by accident. It is symphony No. 4 and this is the first movement. This is such a happy piece, and you really get the spirit of Italy. I guess that is what he was…

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trio arte concert

Slow but graceful

We attended a recital yesterday, with the amazing Trio Arte. The musicians were so full of passion and vigor, that they were just so inspirational. They played three wonderful works, two of which I loved, and one of which I thought was alright. The Romantic period is my favorite period of music, and I usually have a hard time choosing…

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