group of pregnant women

What to expect in pregnancy

Expecting a baby? Congratulations. However, pregnancy comes with a lot of things and sometimes you could be feeling nervous especially if you don’t know what to expect. The good thing is that you have landed on the right page. Here, you will learn everything that concerns a pregnancy right from conception to delivery. On average, a full-term pregnancy lasts for…

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man alone on the beach

How to fill the void after recovering from an addiction

When recovering from an addiction, keeping busy is a good idea. But, keeping busy won’t necessarily fill the void. You can pick up a hobby that keeps you occupied, distracted, but there’s more to it than keeping yourself distracted. There’s a little more to it when we’re talking about actually filling the void left by addiction. You’re building a whole…

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nail treatment at home

A manicure for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always makes me think of pampering and there’s no better way to treat your mum than with a homemade manicure. Treat her to a polish extravaganza! It’s not long until 31st March and here are my tips for giving your mum a manicure to compete with any salon! Luxury cream I always think body lotion feels so much…

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Christmas fir tree with decoration on a wooden board

An alternative Christmas playlist

Today I am not going to share the Christmas songs which I love; rather I am going to share alternative songs which make me mushy at this time of year. Read on for films and Disney recommendations which you should play over Christmas dinner! Let’s Go Fly A Kite The final song in Mary Poppins, it makes me blub. Just…

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young woman in a dream

If you love fairytales, you’ll love these…

At the moment I love anything and everything to do with fairytales. The magic, the stories, the romance… So if you’re the same, here’s some recommendations: Books A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast; when Feyre shoots a wolf in the woods, she has to pay the price…

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woman reading a book

My imaginary magical home

I live in a small two bed terraced house with my love and our guinea pigs. As much as I love our home, if I could design my own dream house, with no monetary restraints and a dash of magic thrown in, this is what it would look like… Sweeping staircase Let’s be honest, this is essential. A marble staircase…

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