woman fear outside


Of all the four-letter words, “fear” might be the one that stirs up the greatest reaction, either flight or fight. For me, even the thought of facing my fears is enough to trigger an emotional or physical response. But I know that in order to tackle a fear or feel braver, I have to start admitting them. So here are…

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beautiful girl with white mask

Don’t ask me how I’m doing

Unless you want the truth that is. Something that’s been on my mind for awhile is how fake people can be, especially when people ask us how we are. Think about it. How easy is it for someone to say “Hey, how are you?” and you say “Oh hey! I’m good. How are you?” Even when you’re dying inside? During…

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A single waterdrop on a blue flower

The pain and the beauty

I felt rather foolish the other day. I was cleaning up the house and took the trash out to the garage. As I ran through the rest of my to-do list in my mind, I didn’t realize that as I attempted to move the trash can as close as possible to the wall, I pushed up against a snow shovel,…

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hikers in mountains

Surprising health benefits of hiking and trekking

Hiking is a sport that in recent years has become very fashionable. It’s cheap to practice (with comfortable clothes and some proper shoes there is enough). It is not competitive because what prevails in this sport is companionship and being in contact with nature and here everyone sets their limits. In addition, by gaining more and more followers almost everywhere,…

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young woman smoking

How smoking can decline your cognitive functionalities

You must have heard it hundreds of times before, quit smoking because it’s bad for you. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death around the world. It lowers your life expectancy and makes the remaining portion of your life terrible. It is also bad for the environment and for the people who are closest to you. Secondhand smoke…

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green smoothie beverage

Vegetable juicing benefits for a healthy and revitalized life

Fresh vegetable juices are recognized as just the right thing needed for revitalizing our body. It is the most useful and healthy way of providing our body necessary nutrients that keep us fresh. Not only the healthy source of nutrients, fresh vegetable juice also protects us from diseases and complicacies by improving our immune system. For staying healthy and young…

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