woman reading a book

My imaginary magical home

I live in a small two bed terraced house with my love and our guinea pigs. As much as I love our home, if I could design my own dream house, with no monetary restraints and a dash of magic thrown in, this is what it would look like… Sweeping staircase Let’s be honest, this is essential. A marble staircase…

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half face of a woman

Who am I online?

For non bloggers, I think it can be difficult to imagine having such a large part of your life lived online. New skills are developed, friendships are made, and large parts of ourselves are shared. Or are they? I can only speak for myself, but I always make sure that all of my online communications are genuine and well intentioned;…

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woman alone in the room

An exploration of mindfulness

Today I want to do something a little different. I’d like to think about mindfulness, and how we can bring it into our lives. It’s a buzz word that you may have heard of and disregarded, but really it’s a workable concept which could be really useful to us. I wonder if any of us really connect to the simple…

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closeup shot of man's eyes

Things I do that my partner finds strange

I recently read an article and loved it so much that I had to compile my own list of the things I do which drive my hubby crazy! Paint my nails If you listen to him, everytime he looks up, I am painting my nails. He walks into a room and all he can smell is nail polish. While that’s…

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smiling mother and daughter

The value of a mum

I recently saw a research containing some figures on what the salary of a mum would be, if it was accountable. The opinion I want to highlight here is the job of a mum can not be fully interpreted by a salary, but rather by the heart. This research does not mention the tears a mother may wipe from the…

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