preparing for running

Getting out of my fitness rut

Over the past few weeks, I have fallen into a fitness rut. It started with a cold; there was no way I was going to go for a run while my head was pounding and I was constantly sneezing and sniffling. Instead, I let my body rest. But since then, I’ve been struggling to get back into a running routine….

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How to get fit at home using an inversion table

Do you know how to build muscle without lifting weights and how to get fit at home without going to gym? Inversion tables become popular to get rid of back pain. The people who have inversion tables use them for therapy. Also, the table can be used for workouts. Though many people don’t know it is possible to workout with…

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women boxing at the gym

Health benefits of female boxing

Boxing is a sport that is usually linked to the male world. However, every day there are more women who dare with this discipline of struggle, as it brings a large number of health benefits. If you still don’t believe it, keep reading the benefits of female boxing. The women’s boxing has followers worldwide. This sport doesn’t have to be…

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happy young woman in the kitchen

3 ways to have a good general healthy body

Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle might seem difficult to many but the reality is that just by following a few good habits, our goal of a healthy life can be achieved. I am sure that many of you out there wish to have a perfect and healthy body along with a healthy mind and trust me, it’s not something…

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preparing for running again

Last week fitness recap

I am quite happy with my workout rate of the past week. Making exercise a part of daily life is slowly becoming easier, and something which I fit into my day unless I really can’t make it happen (which, let’s be honest, is not as often as you imagine). Here’s a recap of my workouts from last week: Monday –…

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music for running

Music to rock your socks off!

Recently I bought some new music for me to listen to while I am out running. I don’t often buy music, so I knew I wanted to choose artists whose albums I would really love. I wasn’t disappointed! Here are my picks: Ultimate Collection by Anastacia Way back in 2000, I heard ‘I’m Outta Love’ by Anastacia for the first…

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